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Sylvio is an indie, first person horror game released on June 2015 via Steam. The game is about EVP, electronic voice phenomenon, and features puzzles along with recordings for its gameplay.


From the Steam page;

Sylvio is a first person horror game about EVP-specialist / ghost recorder Juliette Waters, who finds herself trapped in an old family park shut down since a landslide in 1971. Use whispers on the recordings for clues on how to progress and solve puzzles. Analyze the recordings to reveal hidden messages, giving pieces of information on the dark story of the park- the cult family Hensons, the siblings, the pesticide factory, the landslide. It’s all connected in the end. 

Learn the story by having seances and reading books. Analyze recordings and find hidden messages from the spirit realm. Collect audible words in the radio static. Explore the surroundings of an old family park, left to its demise. 

Juliette has a couple of gadgets to her aid. 

The Reel Recorder. Complete with nine recording reels, it can be played forward / backward in fast, slow or normal speed. Hidden messages can be found when listening to the recording through various ways. 

The shotgun. It is powered by air pressure, and can be loaded with anything found in the world that fits in the barrel. For example small rocks, spuds, pieces of glass, spikes, etc. 

The stereo microphone with oscillator. The microphone is for sound recording, and the oscillator for frequencies outside the hearing spectrum. It sparks up in different ways, and will point the way to spirit activity. 

There are many inventories found throughout the world used once or a couple of times, and a yellow car used for transportation.

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